E-mail Marketing Compliance

FlyerBlaster.com provides real estate property listing flyers to real estate agents. This is a targeted marketing service, realtor to realtor communication, where real estate agents can notify other real estate agents in their area of their property listings. Customers, upon ordering, are authorizing FlyerBlaster.com to distribute their flyer via e-mail to other real estate professionals in their area.
  1. At the top, middle and bottom of each emailFlyer sent by FlyerBlaster.com, a clear and evident unsubscribe link is available so recipients can opt out at any time. In addition, by opting out, the recipient’s email is completely removed from the system within 24 hours. Should there be any technical issue, recipients can always contact FlyerBlaster.com via email or through the web-site and those issues will be addressed promptly. In addition we have an opt out page on our site.
  2. FlyerBlaster.comphysical mailing address is located at the bottom of every emailFlyer, as well as a contact email address.
  3. The From field of emailFlyers sent out by FlyerBlaster.com always includes the company name, FlyerBlaster.com.
  4. The reply email for emailFlyers sent out by FlyerBlaster.com is a valid email address that accepts all correspondence and remove requests.
  5. The email subject lines of emailFlyers sent by FlyerBlaster.com are not misleading or deceptive and clearly descriptive of the contents of the email, which is always relevant to the recipient’s business.
  6. emailFlyers sent by FlyerBlaster.com clearly state at the bottom that this is an agent to agent advertisement.
  7. FlyerBlaster.com does NOT sell or distribute any personal or business information of any customers who order services through FlyerBlaster.com or any recipients who have opted out. All information including names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers, is strictly used as required by the agent, for their flyer. Customers who opt out are completely removed from the database.