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While Buyers and Sellers are looking for experienced agents, they also want to work with someone who is authentic and relatable. FlyerBlaster puts your listing in front of millions of real estate professionals as well as the 70% of Buyers using social media to find their new home.

Gogo Bethke
(54,900 Instagram Followers)

“Social media is free advertising and it’s a way to promote yourself,” said Gogo. “People want to work with people they know, learn to love and trust. You earn their business. As long as you show YOU to them, they will follow.”

Loida Velasquez
(71,500 YouTube Subscribers)

Prior to transitioning into real estate in 2015, Loida Velasquez worked in the marketing and advertising industry. During the last three few in that field, Loida’s job required her to travel extensively throughout the United States and, as much as she enjoyed that, Loida began to gain an interest in real estate. Having always had an entrepreneurial mindset Loida soon realized that a career in real estate would allow her to grow in all aspects of her life while helping people realize their dreams.

Max Maxwell
(237,000 YouTube Subscribers)

“I’m an entrepreneur and self-taught real estate investor and I’ve built a multi-million dollar real estate investment company in less than two years.”

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